Getting a Flat Stomach: What Exercises Should You Do

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Over the years, there have been a lot of buzz about fitness and keeping your body healthy. There was a rising demand for slimming pills, most of which from women who were too desperate in shedding a few pounds in such a short span of time.

Fitness created a whole new industry of its own; thus the rise of gyms, fitness centers providing fitness training, kickboxing, etc. Even martial arts have shifted from being just a self defense class to being a fitness class as well.

In this world where we are pressured to look good due to people’s stereotype about beauty, most women would do anything to get a flat stomach. Most of them would resort to all sorts of slimming drinks—slimming coffee, slimming tea, slimming smoothies. Those are all right, but it has to be noted that they are not going to do the job alone. They work best with exercises.

Gyms have started sprouting everywhere, which is why we are now left with no more excuses to make time for health and fitness. Then again, some people just could not afford to go to the gym. The reasons are varied and valid, which is also why it is very important to know of ways on how to manage to do fitness and exercise routines even at the comfort of our own home.

What exercises can we do to get the flat stomach we all aim for?

  • Sit-ups and crunches. Ah, the classic sit ups and curl ups we all have learned from our grade school PE class. This exercise routine is great for trimming your upper abdomen. Just lay down on the floor, put your hands at the back of your ears, rather than behind your head. This is to avoid being tired too early while doing sit ups. Next, you have to bend your knees with your feet still on the floors, and then lift up your shoulders. Exhale every single time you take yourself up, and then inhale when going back to your original position. You can start with a count to 20, and then work yourself up as you go along.
  • Side hip drop. This one could be pretty intense for beginners, so you should first do warm ups before getting it on with this exercise. You will start off with leaning your left elbow to the floor, while your right arm is raised up. You will then extend your right leg on top, while your left leg is behind you and should be keeping you to the ground. Move your way to a flat stomach by making small dips with your legs down to the ground, and then lifting them up. Get on the side hip drop for as long as you can endure, and do not forget to cool down afterwards.
  • Leg lift. If you equate a trim waist to a flat stomach, this exercise routine is for you. It is an easy one, requiring you to just lie on your back and then sit up on your elbows. Then, place your hands under your knee—you have to make sure you do this to be able to protect your waist. As you proceed to lifting your legs from the floor, bend your right knee and then straighten out the left knee. Keep in mind that in doing this, your body should form a giant “v”. Keep your right knee bent, but make sure both your legs are lowered a few inches to the ground. If you like this one to be more challenging, go the farthest down you can with both your legs. Slowly lift one leg and stay that way for 30 seconds for best results. If you plan doing this particular routine, you can jog in place for a bit as your warm up.
  • Hip lifts. The steps are kind of the same with the previous one, just switch the leg with the hips. You just have to lie on the floor with both your arms on the sides, and then make sure your legs are over your hips at 90 degrees. Both palms should face down. Lift your hips off the floor as your legs reach the ceiling. This workout will trim your wait, flatten your stomach, and even strengthen your core muscles. Some even swear by this exercise routine to be a surefire way to have abs.
  • Side squat reach. This workout is one of the best ones, as it is designed to work your abs, stomach, back, thighs, and shoulders. The starting position will be you stepping out into a wide squat. Your feet should be turned out and your knees bent. Your upper body should remain straight out. Next, rise up your right arm to reach over to the other side. You then have to proceed to bring the arm you raised up down, and do the routine with your other arm. Repeat it on both arms and cool down with arm swinging.
  • Torso twist. Starting position is you standing up with your legs apart and your arms lifted up to your sides. Bend your arms to your elbows so your fists are next to your ears. Then, lift your right knee to the right as you twist your torso to the other side. You can then return to your original starting position, and then repeat each step. This workout targets to work your shoulders, thighs, and abs.

In working out for health and fitness, it is more ideal to do so with the objective of being fit and healthy instead of just being skinny. We should always take note of the fact that skinny is not always healthy. Focus on being healthy and fit, so your fitness goals can be more realistic and achievable.

These exercises are great either at home or in the gym. You can get yourself a gym membership to have an experience trainer to help you achieve your goals in a shorter period of time. You can also try to these at home, and ace your way to a healthier body through some serious motivation and the inspiration of having a body that is well and healthy.

Have fitness goals that gear to better health instead of a skinnier body. Flatten that stomach in no time, and be even more confident.