Male Supplements To Increase Your Sex Life

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Modern medications have become less and less reliable in recent years with the influx of questionable products flooding the market to meet demand.  With the FDA and other agencies passing anything that’s deemed ingestible no matter the consequences, it’s hard to separate what is worth it from what will just make problems worse.  Experimenting with options from desperation leads to many people with an ailment, disorder, or problem finding themselves using products they shouldn’t. A limited sex life doesn’t require a brand name erection pill that will cause heart attacks, gradually permanent impotence, or dependency to be improved.  Natural approaches to classic problems tend to repair the issue at hand far more holistically and cheaply than any short term approach.  For many seeking treatment for sexual issues, using anything to even temporarily alleviate the difficulties they experience is seen as a must. When treating sexual issues or working to improve anything, patience is important.  Rushing into using any medication that has passed clinical trials and show limited positive results does little more than assure a lifetime of potential frustrations.

Using supplements is a healthy alternative to using prescription medications and hormone therapies. For one, they are substantially cheaper and tend to have less side effects.  Compared to the price of $20-$30 a pill for erection pills that do little more than increase just the ability to gain erection whilst costing significantly more in terms of damage to health. Not to mention the cost of treating its side effects by adding another medication to handle them, which can add another $10-$20 per pill, it can rack up costs quickly.  While the purely functional capabilities of genitalia is enhanced, it doesn’t account for lower general sex drive or the ability to perform during the actual actions required to assure satisfaction for both parties.  Supplements are more often nutrients that are already naturally needed by the body that aren’t getting absorbed to their daily required levels to foster better overall health.  Anything from Zinc to Arginine work to improve sex lives by making users have more energy, more endurance, consistent increases in erection frequency and erection quality. Supplements can be purchased over the counter from any number of corner stores, department stores, or drug store.  The issue once again becomes time investment to find reputable sellers that aren’t peddling sugar pills or poorly created supplements. There is also the time investment for carefully measuring out and keeping to a strict regimen that requires ingesting ten to twelve pills to get the full effects

Companies such as Androgenyx build their products with the long term use and purpose in mind.  With minimal side effects and low cost, two of it’s products, Alpha T-Surge & Edge HPX are used as a treatment solution for erectile dysfunction, limitations on muscle mass and strength gains, and for boosting testosterone in adult males.  Whereas comparable products use fillers and other random ingredients to bulk up the list to seem more compounded, complex, and intricate, Androgyenx’s products Alpha T-Surge and Edge HPX approach improving sexual health and overall quality of life through simple, effective, natural ingredients that the body can easily use.  Due to their simple ingredient list, the cost of production is far lower.  Alpha T-Surge uses ingredients such as Arginine to target the body’s protein and cholesterol conversion process that leads to higher testosterone production whilst increasing the amount of testosterone produced and maintained and decreasing the amount of testosterone converted into estrogen.  Estrogen levels influence the balance of how the body can maintain erections or optimal muscular physique over a period of time.  Edge HPX works to increase the overall oxygen content flowing through the body and more specifically, to the penis, which leads to higher erection frequency and increased potency in terms of erection firmness and semen production.  Together, Edge HPX and Alpha T-Surge are the two titans of sex life improvement.  Whilst Edge HPX’s zinc content improves muscular recovery and endurance whilst bolstering energy levels naturally, Alpha T-Surge improves overall testosterone levels and muscle growth.  The two Androgenyx supplements when combined improve both aesthetic capability when used with a light to intensive exercise regimen as well as the overall functional capabilities in terms of erectile function and performance.  Though their supplements can be used to treat ED and other sexual disorders, the benefits to overall health are subsidiary benefits.  When using each at regular dose level combined with exercise studies have reported a few positive side effects.  Increases in general mood and a decrease in mood instability or mood swings.  An observable increase in appetite yet a more manageable level of appetite to coincide with recommended dosing times as habits are formed, an increase in circulatory and respiratory function, and more have been reported by users over an extended period of time whilst using Androgenyx products and after.